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20+ Years of Experience

Established in 2000, we develop long-term partnerships with a small number of key clients. Covering many technologies and business sectors, we have a vast range of experience.Maximise your online presence with our state of the art web systems. Grow your business and drive up user interactions. Expertly designed back-end systems tailored to your business model.

For over 20 years Integrating Technology has aided businesses in achieving their online goals. We work closely with our clients to ensure, as their I.T. support provider, we are continuing to evolve as their company grows.  Tailoring new technologies, along-side tried-and-tested methods, to a variety of business models.  

Bespoke Systems

Expertly crafted systems that are tailored to your business model. Bringing functionality to your ideas, our bespoke systems offer a professional approach to web-design that you won’t find using a basic site builder application.

Cyber Security

With the increasing reliance on technology and digital communication in almost every aspect of modern life, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for individuals, organizations, and governments around the world.

Help & Support

Struggling with any I.T. relate issues. We offer working hour support for any small issue or larger bug fix. You won’t feel like your I.T. provider is avoiding you. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate well with our clients.

We Take Pride in your Work

Integrating Technology has been lucky enough to aid many important organisations and respectable businesses in all their web development needs. View our portfolio to learn more…

How We Use WordPress

Originally created as a simple blogging platform WordPress(WP) has evolved into one of the most popular website builders with 42% of the web being built on the back of WordPress.

At Integrating Technology we make use of  WPs content management system and the ability for easy plugin integration to build many of our sites for a range of different clients. From Charities, to Tour Companies, to Authors we have satisfied a range of customer’s projects using WP.

Features we often add to our WP sites include, Events Calendars, Email Forms, Pop-ups, News Feeds, Social Links, and much more.

Using WP we are able to create eye-catching and user friendly web-pages that are responsive on desktop, mobile, and tablets

If you are on a deadline, or a tight budget, a simple front-end WP site created by Integrating Technology could be exactly what you are looking for. We also provide discounted rates for registered charities who are looking for a WP site.

Visit our portfolio page to view our selection of WP sites or Contact Us if you’re ready to start a WP project.

Our Bespoke Websites

Bespoke websites, also known as custom websites, are websites that are built specifically to meet the unique requirements and preferences of your business or organization. Unlike pre-designed templates or off-the-shelf website builders, bespoke websites are tailored from scratch to align with the your brand, goals, and specific needs.

We have knowledge in a range of programming languages and database systems. Meaning that we can comfortably adapt our bespoke systems to carry out any functionality you require of your site.

Furthermore, choosing a bespoke Integrating Technology allows us to provide ongoing support and maintenance services without going through a middle man service. This ensures that the website remains up to date, secure, and functional as technology evolves and new requirements arise.

Bespoke websites are typically more expensive and time-consuming to develop compared to using pre-designed templates or website builders. However, our bespoke sites offer greater flexibility, customization, and control over the final product, making them a more suitable choice for businesses and organisations with specific needs and branding requirements.

Marketing with Us

There is a range of ways that you can make your brand more noticeable online. Just a few of these methods we have listed below, search engine optimisation, social media, and direct contact, are ways of getting the attention of your prospective viewers.


SEO is centred on making your site technically well-built and displaying coherent information for browser robots to analyse. The easier your site is for bots to analyse, the higher your site ranks on browser searches. 


Nobody likes to be spammed with emails. However, picking what information to convey and how often you send emails to subscribers is worth a thought. Emails can be an extremely useful form of contact… if used right 

Social Media

An effective social media strategy is not exclusively about being present on all platforms. Selecting a few platforms where the content type suits your business model is something we can help you with.


Texting subscribers or members can be an alternative to email lists. Used sparingly, a text can more effectively capture the attention of a viewer as they are deemed to be reserved for important information. 

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Our new site is faster slicker and I think joins the business up. Big round of applause to Thomas 👏👏👏👏👏
Barry Chuwen
Ceo, MQ Estate Agents
Brilliant, Thomas- thanks!
Thanks to everyone who worked on this- it’s fab! ✨
Andrea Bradley
General Secretary, Educational Institute of Scotland
I really appreciate all the work you are doing. You have done an excellent job. It musn’t have been easy!
Cheryl-Ann Cruickshank
Regional Manager North, Who Cares? Scotland